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Your body looks like a baby

There they was, attractive Gisele Bundchen, hanging on a beach in Costa Rica with child Vivian and rocking wait, was that a string bikini? months after giving birth? What the what?
No one  begrudging Gisele her genes. But the picture makes you wonder: What does your average nonsupermodel look like 15 weeks postpartum? To give you an idea, Kristin Ford, 32, a social-media consultant from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, let Glamour photograph her and son Parker at the same number of days postpartum as Gisele and Vivian. Ford looks great but he expected better: I had this idea that my body would bounce back after pregnancy, he says. I’m still waiting. I’m bigger everywhere even in my knees!”
So how do Hollywood mothers do it? With the best trainers money can buy plus the threat of losing out on work. Celebrities experience a scary amount of pressure to drop the pounds,says trainer Ramona Braganza.Their careers depend on it.
Jessica Alba was in a swimsuit for a Campari advertisement not long after he had her first child. She did light weights weeks postpartum and intervals on the treadmill by week, Braganza says. Minimal downtime is the norm:I trained Meg Ryan the morning he went in to the hospital,says trainer Kathy Kaehler, who adds that he was at Julia Roberts door weeks after the actress delivered twins (twins!). Doesn’t exactly make you need to switch places with the stars, right?
Bottom Line: Cut yourself some slack if you’ve got a newborn: Your body , y’know, made another body. Focus on getting gentle exercise & plenty of protein, calcium, and vitamin D (to help rebuild muscle and bone)not on losing weight, says New York City heart specialist Holly Andersen, M.D. Ford’s take: “If I am choosing between a workout and time with Parker, Parker wins. Who cares if I cannot get my elderly pants over my thighs?”

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