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Feet care to fasten detoxification

Due to the special structure of human body, all organs are connected with the feet. The peripheral nerve blocks are the so-called reflection area. Clinical experiments show that men's feet are the epitome of the three-dimensional distribution of human organs and tissues. When there are organs or glands abnormalities, the foot reflection zone will have crystal deposition which becomes aching. The touch response of each point is different, some like sand, some particles, some only a sensation of swelling. Stimulus can accelerate toxin elimination and achieve therapeutic effect.
Health care prevention and disease treatments can be divided into three categories: one is baking and fumigation with medicine ; The second is moxibustion and plaster; The third is massage and a variety of physical methods.
Massages on Yongquan acupuncture point
1, Soaking the feet with hot brine. The temperature of the water should be in your acceptable range. Add in a small amount of salt. Every day before bedtime, soak the feet for 15 ~ 30 minutes.
2, Push, knead and pat the yongquan point.
3, Apply moxibustion or moxibustion with medicine until you feel heat in the yongquan point.
4, Sit in the bed with the feet separate naturally or sit cross-legged. Then repeatedly rub from the heels to the tiptoe with two thumbs. Or, pat the point with both palms until you feel heat in the feet.
5, Take supine or prone position, rubbing the feet against each other. Or rub the feet against other equipment.

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