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Understanding these on the men’s health is very important!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney of the people, the kidney stores essence. The kidney strong is directly related to the health of man. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, excessive consumption of kidney yang, prone to cold, cold and pain sense, night urination, impotence and other diseases, to share with you today, several simple methods.
1, solid grip
The thumb in palm, finger ring finger (fourth fingers) in the root, then buckling the remaining four fingers, slightly forced, thumb grip, such as holding the baby to save general. Solid grip in the body spirit stick, usually walk, ride, chat, watch TV when they can hold.
2, raise the heel or foot
Heel raise five toe grip, legs close together, the levator ani abdomen, shoulder to the sink, project approving erector spinae, Baihui on the collar; downward bump enough physical relaxation, gently bite, first half to fall slowly, then light earthquake ground. Lift heel can pull back the leg bladder kidney, light earthquake ground can also massage the viscera.
3, hot water foot bath
The most suitable time for every night 7-9, this is the worst time of kidney qi and blood, the foot bath, massage can improve blood circulation, nourishing the kidney and liver to achieve. Foot bath container used to tubs as well. Feet of water, not too hot to 40 ℃ is appropriate. Soaking time should not be too long, with 15-30 minutes is appropriate.
4, with the heel walking
The best way of walking, step, heel first, do not bend the knee. Leg forward, toes pointed like a play; foot landing, on the back foot toe. Heel first, is actually the “kidney” acupoint stimulation. Often use this way of walking can be effective in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.
5, three yuan exercise
Legs apart, shoulder width, hands by the sides forward hold in front of the abdomen, position and umbilical cord with high, arms round; at the same time, two knees slightly bent, center of gravity to sink. Two knees slightly open to both sides. The crotch to circle; back slightly arched, chest to contain, back to pull, make the waist back slightly backward arch, Mingmen GV4 open. So, before and after the left, up and down all round,The whole people is very perfect. This is a replenishing vitality basic exercise method. Often can make the kidney yuan abundant, bones and muscles strong.
6, friction Shenshu
And legs sitting on the bed, two hands to rub to palm fever, respectively in the back waist, massage back on renal point, to have a hot date. But sooner or later the again, each about 200 times over, can be invigorating kidney qi.
7, take a deep breath
Should choose when doing deep breathing fresh air environment, try to inhale through your nose. Breathing remained soft, slow, uniform, long. Take 6 deep breaths as a group. And then to adjust, can do. Chinese medicine said: Lord expiratory lung, kidney qi. “Huang Di Nei Jing” in the records, kidney have long, can Yin Shi south facing physical relaxation, the body back,With the strike of the back wall, measurable, borrow impact reacting force to back upright, so repeatedly, each time got hit 30 or so. Can do 2~3 times a day. Hit back function strong lumbar kidney, dredge main and collateral channels, Qi, yin and Yang balance.
Tip: the best time of day is the morning, 5 ~ 7, 11 ~ 1 at night, and morning Yang weakest strongest, night. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney essence, after the sex life of the kidney essence deficiency, if sex in the evening when the deficiency of Yang, deficiency of Kidney Yang will increase, and the morning was strongest when sexual life, is not easy to be weak.

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