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The rest of you the right way?

Why do you sleep for 11 hours and still feel tired? Why are you spending tens of thousands of go to the island nation off without increasing enthusiasm for life? The rest of us right? What is your understanding of the rest? A full night’s sleep? A crazy?
The true meaning of rest is to repair the fatigue, relax, let you when back to work and learn to feel is a person be full of go.
Psychological physiologist Sechenov did an experiment. In order to eliminate the right hand fatigue, he adopted two ways: one is to let the two hands rest, another is on the right hand still also left appropriate activities, and then the fatigue measurement device on the right hand grip strength test. The results show that, in the left hand movements, the right hand fatigue In addition to faster. This proof transformation activities is a positive way to rest.
Our common sense that we first response to fatigue is “go lie down”. But this is a trap. Sleep is an effective way of relaxing, but it mainly to the lack of sleep or manual application. But for the mental workers, can be in bed and lie, eyes closed resting, make the whole body muscle and nerve relax completely, rise again Activities.
Research also shows, mental workers one week at least two times to do aerobic exercise, “better than the rest effect sleep”.
About ten billion nerve cells in the cerebral cortex, functions are not the same, they are in a different way to array into joint function area each are not identical, activities of this region, another area to rest.
The rest is different
★ the weekend the sleep early.
The 10 point to sleep, and then get up at 7, did not walk the streets, or have a look you have never had the opportunity to see the morning theatre, you’ll find out this day can and do a weekend in the past are not the same.
★ something you have never been to the alley, go through it.
You’ll find out that you feel bored of the city, in fact you are not fully appreciate the beauty of it.
★ to another city to find not the same.
Go to a place, the place itself be curious, to own this trip will know how to be good, feeling his own life experiences of phenomena in the world.
★Learn a new skill.
Such as dancing, drums…… Exercise 2 hours every weekend.
★ do another new work
Psychologists have found that, methods to relieve nervous, is to deal with the problems to be nervous to solve. There was general manager of a mental collapse please a doctor gives treatment recommendations, he receives the prescription is to go to the zoo when a trainer, a month later, the manager complete recovery.
So, when the pressure is particularly great, you can be your own to find another job, but not with your occupation is similar. For example, go to the orphanage volunteer work, or go to a complex machinery factory from an apprentice, or do a super complex mathematical problems.
We are tired from the existing immutable and frozen life tired. So the best rest project that can allow us to live and work enthusiasm activities found.
If you do one thing, to be happy sigh “tomorrow is another day”, and that this thing for you is the best recovery enthusiasm, emotion regulation.

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