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You should know — eat black sweet potato poisoning

Sweet potato by Alternaria alternata (a fungus) pollution, will make the surface appear dark brown plaque. Alternaria toxins from the sweet potato and sweet potato ketone containing alcohol, will make the sweet potato harden, bitter, very toxic effects on human liver. This toxin is used to cook,Destruction of steamed and baked can not make. Therefore, whether it is eaten raw or cooked with black spot of sweet potato, can cause poisoning.

Food mildew sweet potato poisoning symptoms for stomach discomfort, nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, severe dizziness, limb weakness, numbness of toxicity. The mortality rate of up to 16%.

Methods to prevent black spot of sweet potato poisoning are mainly in the following two points: first, do not eat spoiled, hard, bitter, sweet potato and sweet potato stem. Second, the storage of sweet potato, sweet potato skin will dry. The cellar should choose the terrain, dry, not Water Leakage, bedding should be clean. In low-lying sweet potato or sweet potato was flooded should consume as soon as possible, and not suitable for seed.

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