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Creative solutions to the baby weight

New mothers must get creative to accomplish simple tasks, like having a shower or going to the grocery store. But if he wishes to lose weight, creativity and persistence are even more important. Otherwise her workouts get backburned when the new kid needs attention.
Creative solutions to the baby weight
This week, I talked to mom who is reaching her post-baby aim of losing weight and getting fit. Nikki Hauck is the 32-year elderly brother of thee children under the age of. He works a full time job from home while managing her household and juggling other every day chores. Nikki started walking to lose weight. Next month, her journey will take her to the beginning line of the 2014 More Magazine/Fitness Journal Women’s Half-Marathon. In the technique of training he’s slimmed down from 251 pounds to 162 pounds and is well on her way to reaching her aim of 145 pounds.

So how did he do it? Read her full story and use the same creative strategies he used to generate a plan for yourself.

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