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Want to lose weight, to develop good habits

1, eat and sleep, will cause the body unable to fully digest the food into fat, accumulation is the cause of obesity. So as early as possible before dinner, more do not eat, eat and sleep to be spaced between 3 – 4 hours, to fully digest the food. If it is too busy postponed supper time, try to control carbohydrate food.
2, when you can’t stop eating snacks, or because they are lazy and not in accordance with the plan to exercise, the effect reducing weight is always unsatisfactory, then gradually abandoned, or even give up downsizing plan. In fact, these negative emotions is taboo for weight loss Oh, we should keep a “more defeat Vietnam” attitude, failed to encourage myself to say “no matter”, then double push myself, so that effective!
3, usually either standing or sitting, or, should always pay attention to the navel 3 cm below the pubic area, both the pose or motion, this position is very important, not only can change the external body, strengthen the exercise will also accelerate the metabolism.
4, in the weight of the MM who must pay attention to sleep, sleep quality directly affects all motion and dietary effects of weight-loss period. Sleep at least 7 hours before bedtime, do not eat, sleep do not turn on the lights is the way oh!

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