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From here you see the importance of breakfast

All say “breakfast to eat like a king”, but now many young workers do not pay too much attention to breakfast, some people just use cookies to your body, don’t even eat breakfast until noon, “fill” back. Not cooked all day breakfast can provide 30% of the energy and nutrient, other meals not back up! Do not eat breakfast in addition to cause hypoglycemia, a lot of bile, pancreatic disease and do not eat breakfast on the.
Too fine lack of nutrition
Do not eat breakfast is not good, but breakfast is too fine is useless. “Eat like a king” is not a breakfast to luxury fine, but say breakfast nutrition should be comprehensive. Milk, egg, fruit, vegetables, staple food nutrition in different everything there. Exquisite pastry although taste good, but single nutrition, and easy to be digested, not top hungry . A good breakfast should have not only nutrition to “full”, because the morning is usually focused on the time people work, such as two hours to be digested, 10 o’clock hungry, then can’t work.
An ideal breakfast had better have porridge, suggest that you eat oatmeal porridge is better, not only nutritious and continuous digestion time is long, can put five or six red dates porridge in VC, so breakfast staple food and fruit have, if there is time to do a tomato scrambled eggs, so that the vegetables and egg have. Breakfast milk is not small, it’s nutrition since Needless to say, and its digestion time is about 3 hours, more than twice the porridge. The staple food the best selection of Steamed Rice or potatoes, bread is better than Steamed buns.
The way to eat healthy
In order to sleep more, a lot of people would rather put breakfast on the way to work. In the street to eat snacks or walking and eating, not cooked breakfast only eat nutrition, but also to eat healthy. Wake up on the road, the road to eat breakfast, the influence of such habits on health is very big.
An hour before breakfast drink a cup of water to the best, help digestion liquid secretion, on the way to work, slowly is not possible, when walking, blood cannot fully to help digestion stomach peristalsis, causing indigestion.

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