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Popularity Of Bee Pollen

I’m happy I found this site http://www.zxtofficial.org where we can get the authentic pills. Thanks to this site people who have helped me. Now, I want to buy more for my friends and sisters. And hope we can achieve our goals.
The function theory is as follows:
BAT is brown fat (scientists call it fat adipose tissue). You don’t have much of it as BAT is found in very small amounts throughout the body. You can’t see it with your eyes. It is the kind of fat that is good for your body. BAT has only one function, that is, to create heat. To do that, it must consume calories. Where does it get the calories to burn? From white fat (White Adipose Tissue).
White fat is the kind of fat that is adverse to your body which you can see in your body. This is the fat that you want to get rid of.
Part I: Thermogenic Weight Loss
Part II: Detoxificating the Colons and Digestive System Part III: Balancing the PH
I really appreciate Bee Pollen Diet for helping me to change my life and turn it to a beautiful new phase. Thank you very much.

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