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Winter weight loss coup public sign

RunRun to lose weight -- running
Lively, Aries, the best method of winter weight loss of nature is a large amount of exercise aerobic exercise, jogging is aerobic exercise in the most direct and effective. If it is like Laichuang Aries can choose to run in the afternoon, because the winter is cold, so exercise time needs to be better than the spring and summer of 10 ~ 15 minutes will be more effect.
Pear japonica rice porridge
If you want to control your own mouth to lose weight, the greedy Taurus was an ordeal. If you have to lose weight, delicious porridge, will let the happiness within. Pear japonica rice porridge is simple, as long as the pear peel wash, chopped and boiled rice. This is in a very good porridge, due to the dry climate in winter, and the pear The promoter has Runzao effect, add pears low calorie, rich in fiber, can help the stomach to reduce fat absorption, and thus play a role in weight loss. Of course, if you want the most effective way to lose weight, the best way is to control the appetite, reduce the intake of fat.
Papaya decomposition fat
Sports law reducing weight, for Gemini is difficult to adhere to; diet, must spend energy to do, you will find trouble. So, papaya weight loss on the Gemini women the most effective. Papaya Lose weight -- papayacontains a papaya enzyme, these papaya enzyme not only can break down proteins, carbohydrates, the most important is the decomposition of fat, reduce the mast cells, promote In The new supersedes the old., excess fat off in vitro, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. In addition to papaya, popular L-carnitine this year is a natural fat burning agent, eat more fat decomposition and metabolism.
Foot massage
All know by acupuncture stimulating the acupoint can reduce weight, can be to lose weight so irrational stripped off clothes in the winter. In view of this, consider a comprehensive, pay attention to the health of cancer in the winter to choose the best massage. Because the soles of the feet there is reflection District in all organs, pressing and on the corresponding reflex zones, can promote local blood circulation Ring, so as to achieve the purpose of detoxification fat burning, and plays the role of health.
Chili to reduce weight
Leo domineering, weight loss doesn’t like to fight a protracted war, but to fast fierce feeling. The cold winter, a handful of pepper into the mouth, stimulation of pepper flavor, immediately can let the human body heat, but also play little role in weight loss known. Because pepper contains a large number of capsaicin, can promote the The new supersedes the old., make human body fat points Solution, help to burn calories and weight loss. Just be careful not to eat too much, so as not to irritate the stomach, take effect to negative to the health.Winter weight loss——Do the housework
Often do housework
Winter outdoor exercise is too hard, in fact, cleaning at home, do the housework also can achieve weight-loss goal. But Virgos love itself is clean, peacetime love home in clean bright translucent. Now just need to strengthen the frequency of cleaning, the cleaning once a week to clean. To know the mopping the floor for 20 minutes, then Can consume 100 calories. After a sweat, weight loss goals will be achieved, and the home is cleaned maintain one’s original pure character.
Elegant Libra, would like to lose weight the law of grace, and yoga is a graceful, elegant form of exercise. It not only can purify the soul, there is a good effect of losing weight. Yoga can grasp and adjust breath, let the body from the internal heat, accelerating the The new supersedes the old., rid the body of toxins, reduce the fat content. And the realization of Have difficulty movement, the more able to release the body fast energy. Winter hot yoga, the effect will be more pronounced.
Eat an orange every day
The sexy beauty of the Scorpio appears, if weight loss but also the best beauty. The most common in winter fruit — orange, can reach your requirements. All know that orange is rich in vitamin C, can nourish skin. While the orange of the water soluble fiber to eat when the water swelling, let the stomach nerve subjected to satiety, eating a few pieces of orange To control appetite. And with orange enzyme can effectively inhibit the production of fatty cells, play a role in weight loss. In addition, eating slimming capsule before meals can also help achieve wonderful satiety, can greatly control the appetite, and stimulate the body to The new supersedes the old., long accumulate toxins discharged. For example, in recent years, very popular in the light of L-carnitine, safety and health, even many stars are on it.
Ride a bike
Not quiet down, like in the outdoor play striker, if want to achieve weight loss. In the play, it might be walking to riding a bicycle on weekdays. It all has the oxygen movement, movement in full activation of the body cells, consume large amounts of energy, a lot of sweat, to reduce fat purpose. At the same time also increase your leg strength, landscaping Lower body. Quickly riding a bicycle instead of by car, both environmental protection and health.
Ginger bath
In winter people dress itself is very cumbersome, if let like Capricorn exercise weight-loss quiet, clearly not realistic. So old and comfortable ginger bath method to lose weight with the Capricorn personality. Use of ginger boiled stew ginger, take 30cc into the bath tub, and then soak in water for 15-20 minutes, promote blood circulation, accelerate the blood Tube active, consumption of calories to burn fat after sweating, sweating, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. Bath to lose weight need a very long time to achieve the effect, if want to rapid weight loss, the best method is proper diet and exercise, and with the use of slimming chewable tablets to increase the effect reducing weight.
Aquarius people are always contradictory, weight loss methods single, will let you feel boring method reducing weight, complex, and will make you feel tedious. It seems, only aerobics is the most able to meet your needs. Aerobics integration of modern dance in time under a variety of dance popular and other material, movement full of fun, so it won't be dull and Boring, and follow the fitness instructor, exercise is also very simple, weight loss is more without boasting.
Rope skipping slimming method
Summer and winter sports afraid of heat stroke, while still warm up exercise in weight loss. Rope skipping is very adapt to winter sports. Continuous rope skipping every 10 minutes, can arrive 30 minutes of jogging effect, exercise to lose weight, convenient, time-saving and effective. The best choice is also afraid of trouble, impatient. Rope skipping in the process, can make the body Multiple joint activities, the elimination of excess fat hips and thighs, make your body more healthy. But remember, rope skipping, easy to put your leg muscles, if the weight at the same time have a pair of attractive legs, eating less is also essential, especially for calorie intake, this time try light L-carnitine to help You burn fat, quick weight loss.

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