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Take A Look At iStick 100W

The ELeaf iStick 100w is a little bit different than its little iStick brothers, and different is definitely good. The iStick 20, 30 and 50 watt mods, and even the new 40w temp control mod have all had integrated batteries wired in series, and they all got famous for producing full size mod power in mini mod packages on the cheap.

The new 100 watt is the first ever iStick with a dual-18650 design, and Eleaf has taken things a step further by wiring the cells in this full-size mod in parallel – an unusual, and awesome feature in a regulated mod. Parallel wiring means simple and balanced usb charging is a reality on the iStick 100, as is incredible battery life under moderate-power vaping.

Build quality is top notch here: the iStick 100w has removable batteries but feels like an integrated battery mod by virtue of its extremely well-fitted, magnetized battery door that is held fast by strong magnets and features jointing on top and bottom for an ultra-secure, rattle free lock. The interface on the 100 has classic Eleaf ease-of-use, and a floating 510 pin and included ego adapter means that every tank and RDA just works, period.

If your jaw isn't already on the floor, take a look over at the price for all this power and usability. There isn't another dual 18650, 100 watt regulated mod anywhere NEAR this price, and the mods that come close can't offer the build quality, reliability or innovation the iStick family is known for. the office authourized web site for istick 100W is http://www.istick.org/istick-100w.html

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