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2018 Best BF RDA | Vandy Vape Pulse X BF RDA

If you need a BF RDA, then you will like this product today. Yes, I want to share with you the Pulse X RDA from Vandy Vape.

What is Vandy Vape Pulse X BF RDA? This is a 24mm diameter RDA BF Tank. Here you will get two coil buildings, free to install the coil you want. No matter what material you use, or the resistance of the coil. The Pulse X uses a side airflow system to give us a more direct airflow.

As a BF RDA, here we get an upgrade experience. In the past, RDA equipment only transmitted e-juice to RDA, but it was not effective due to the cotton flow rate and the type of e-juice. Now, the innovative Pulse X uses a directional e-juice outlet that allows e-juice to be delivered directly to the coil and cotton.

This structure not only enhances the atomization effect but also allows us to choose more different e-juices. What do you think? The 24mm diameter is not only compatible with Vandy Vape's BF Mod but is also compatible with more BF Mods on the market. So what do you think of this RDA?

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