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I'm a 35-year-old health and physical education teacher whose struggle with weight has been a lifelong issue. After my wedding nine years ago, however, things really got out of control. I gained about 100 pounds by gradually increasing my portion sizes, eating out frequently and simply eating whatever I wanted as frequently as I wanted.

During those nine years, my wife Christy and I became A Whole New Life  the parents of three daughters, and I continued to teach my health and physical education classes. However, I began to feel the effects of the weight on my body. I remember walking up a flight of stairs and being completely out of breath on my way to teach my seventh grade health students about the importance of eating healthy food and exercising. I thought, “What a poor example I am for these kids. How will they ever believe anything I have to say about fitness and nutrition?” Later, I thought of my own girls and considered the prevalence of overweight children of overweight parents. I was determined to help them grow up as healthy kids, and I knew the first step was to get myself in shape.

I started trying to lose weight on my own and had some success but found it difficult to keep myself consistently on track, and I quickly regained lost weight. Several friends were attending a local Weight Watchers meeting and I figured that From Drab to Diva the weekly weigh-ins would motivate me to work hard each week. The athlete in me came out as I turned the weight loss into a competition with myself. On weeks that I lost, I won; weeks that I didn't, I guess "the fat" won. I "won" almost every week.

Knowing that I could eat my activity Meet the New Me values if I began to exercise, I got an inexpensive gym membership and used the treadmill four to five times a week for an hour. When I started, I could only run for five minutes and walk for 55. Now I'm walking the first 5 minutes, running 45 minutes, and cooling down for the last 10. What a feeling!

I'm teaching classes with a new passion, and my students are learning the benefits of fitness as they watch their teacher set an example. I can teach them from the perspective of someone who was on the brink of heart problems, diabetes and joint problems. I now show the students how to perform exercises and stretches in class that I could never even do myself. Better yet, my children will grow up with a dad who’s an example of fitness and wellness.

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