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The 12 refinement, milk, you know?

Milk is rich in nutrition, taste delicious, drink is one of the popular favorite. But in addition to drink, milk and many other uses, and even if expired still have use value. Xiaobian summarized the use of milk for you, as long as you need, it can become your life a good helper.The 12 refinement, milk, you know

Repair cracks
If the cracks appeared in China, can put it in the pot, pour in the milk soak, and boil, then turn down the heat, with small fire simmer for 45 minutes. The protein in the milk will combine with porcelain clay, repairing the cracks.
Remove oil stains
Repair after the car, his hands are stained with oil, dust, become very dirty. At this time, the cereal and milk mixed into paste, rub your hands, not only can remove dirt, can moisten your hands, let the hand more soft, tender.
Removing ink stains
If the clothes stained with ink, you can soak in milk overnight, fully rinse, and then into the washing machine wash in cold water.
Nursing care of leather
Rag scrub leather with milk soaked, can let it take on an altogether new aspect. If you want to deep processing of leather products, you can smear milk let it dry completely, then grinding, milk can make leather crack and wear closed up, looks bright as new.
If you go out without makeup remover or makeup remover is used, can add milk gently on the face, massage a few minutes, it can not only remove the residual cosmetics, but also play the role of nourishing the skin.
Eat spicy food after the tongue numb feeling, no drink or beer will be of no avail, because capsaicin is not soluble in water. This time may wish to drink some milk, it can combine with capsaicin molecule, can quickly ease the discomfort of taste.
Attaining a
The milk has good moisture retention, which can be mixed with honey, gently massage the face, then stay for 15 minutes, and then rinse off with clear water.
If skin itching, mosquito bites and sunburn, can also use the milk on the wound, have a certain role in the mitigation.
The milk will sour (or add some vinegar in milk) used to soak the silverware, can remove the silver surface rust and stain. After soaking rinse clean, wipe off.
It can also be used for polishing furniture, in the deeply moisten the wood at the same time, the acid can remove dust and dirt, the effect is very good.
Taking drugs
Use the milk delivery service of roxithromycin, cyclosporine and other drugs, can promote the absorption of the drug. Milk delivery service probiotic pills, can wrap the drug particles, the prevention of acid damage to it, but also prevent drug damage of gastric mucosa.
Some relatively large pill to swallow, served with milk easier. It can lubricate the throat, let the pill is swallowed smoothly. But need to be reminded that, in order to prevent drug adverse reaction with the milk, milk taking drugs before the need to ask the doctor.
Go fishing
Many people find it hard to believe the fermentation of sour milk is Grass Carp love, but it’s true. The fermented sour milk into mixing in fish food, used for fishing can surprise harvest oh. Thaw the fish, Frozen fish if the general method of thawing, eating up the taste is dry and rough, have a peculiar smell. If the frozen fish in the milk to thaw, the natural moisturizing agent can restore fish moisture and flavor, taste better.
Water the flowers
Expired milk if there had been a marked suanfu taste, then you can use it to water the flowers. In order to avoid the proliferation of bad taste, can dig a pit in the soil, buried into the milk.
Clean the floor
Expired acetify milk diluted with water, then wipe the floor can be bright as new Jiu spilled on the floor with a mop.

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