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7 Kimonos to Throw over Any Top

Kimonos have become one of the most coveted trends this season and they have blown up among women of every age! What’s great about this fashion piece is that it allows light coverage and gives off a very bohemian, and ethereal feel to everyday outfits. Kimonos are comfortable, light and most of all fashionable, and common ladies, how can we turn down a piece that is stylish and cozy!?
1. Keeping It Boho Kimono
Historically kimonos are Japanese traditional garments that are worn by men and women, and the word ‘kimono’ itself literary means ‘something to wear’. So if you are ever on a hunt for something to throw over with an intention of looking effortlessly cute, grab a patterned kimono like this!

2. Desert Wanderer Tassel Kimono
If you are one of those girls who keepsher closet all black, you seriously need a bold statement piece like this!

3. Butterfly Kimono Jacket
This butterfly kimono can accentuate any body type and fit any personal style!

4. Floral Mint Kimono
The color of this kimono is refreshing and definitely summer ready! This is a perfect piece to sport on a hot summer day or a long day at the pool.

5. Ikat Print Kimono with Tassles
You can definitely take it up a notch with this eye-catching kimono that can spice up any plain outfit.

6. Aboriginal Print Kimono
There is something easy and effortlessly sexy about kimonos. They make getting ready in the morning so much easier!

7. Deep Navy Floral Kimono
Floral patterns and kimonos are completely in this season, put these two things together and you got yourself a winner!

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