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What kind of Swimsuits Your Body Type suited?

“My curvaceous hips need a flattering suit. This swimsuit feels like it was made for girls with curves!”—Kate B.
Kate’s Suit Pick: Retro-Cut One Piece
why It Works:
• The vintage-inspired straight-across hem provides ample coverage.
• The cut of the suit, with curved side seams, accentuates the narrowness of the rib cage and helps even out Kate’s proportions.
• Ruching offers the bonus of disguising a tummy.

“Triangles just don’t cut it when you’re busty, like I am. I need lots of coverage and support up top. Recently I lost 25 pounds, so it’s time for a new suit! I like that this one covers my chest but is still a ton of fun.”—Orlagh V.
Orlagh’s Suit PickHigh-Neck Tank
Why It Works:
• The modest halter shows off curves—not cleavage.
• The high cut of the leg holes helps draw the eye away from the top.
• The way the top is cut means no dreaded under-armpit roll.

“Because I’m pretty athletic, I need a suit that stays put and also one that enhances my smaller chest. I love how the gathers in the top give me a fuller look. Plus, I never once felt the need to adjust!”—Megan H.
Megan’s Suit Pick: Classic Bikini
Why It Works:
• Extra fabric, gathered at the center of the bust, adds volume.
• The top and bottom are more or less equal in size, producing a proportional look.
• The thin straps make the top look bigger by comparison. They also leave more of the collarbone exposed, taking the emphasis off the bust.

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