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Weight loss method is simple and easy

Skipping variety, can be simple to complex, at any time to do, to learn, especially suitable for the season in the lower temperature as the fitness movement, and is particularly suitable for women. From the exercise, the continuous 10 minute rope skipping, and 30 minutes of jogging or dancing for 20 minutes is not much difference between, less time consuming, high energy consumption of aerobic exercise.

Exercise a variety of organs. Rope skipping can enhance the human cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system function. Weight loss method is simple and easyResearch confirms, rope skipping can be prevented, such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, hypertension, osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, high blood lipids, insomnia, depression, climacteric syndrome and other disease. Of breast-feeding and menopause women, rope skipping is also the active role of both relaxed mood, which is also conducive to women's mental health.

In view of the unique health care of skipping the role of women, designed a "rope skipping progressive plan French fitness expert Mok dedicated to women's fitness”. Beginner, only 1 minute jump in place, 3 consecutive days can jump 3 minutes, 3 months consecutive jump after 10 minutes, six months after the implementation of a day "series of jump" as every even jump 3 minutes, a total of 5 times, until a straight jump and a half hours. A jump and a half hours, is equivalent to jogging 90 minutes of exercise, has been the standard of aerobic exercise.

Although skipping is a good body, but very easy to accidentally injured, so pay attention to the following matters:
1 rope skipping should wear soft texture, light weight shoes for the high, to avoid an ankle injury.
2 rope hard and soft, medium thickness. Beginners should use hard rope, skilled soft rope can be changed later.
3 choose soft hard moderate lawn, wooden floor and soil site better, don't skip in the cement on the ground, so as not to damage joints, and easily cause dizziness.
4 rope skipping to relax muscles and joints, toe and heel forced to be coordinated, to prevent sprains.
5 fat and middle-aged women should adopt the feet and landing. At the same time, jump should not be too high, so as to avoid excessive weight-bearing joints due to injuries.
6 before skipping to let the foot, leg, wrist, ankle, doing exercises, rope skipping can do to relax after the war.

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