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How about comparing iStick 200W with Wismec RX200?

Wismec’s DNA-200 and simpler RX-200 mods are among the most popular and highly regarded temp control boxes. Although Wismec, like Eleaf, is a subsidiary company within the Joyetech family, Eleaf’s iStick 200W TC takes clear aim at the RX-200 as its primary competition. Similarities to and differences from the RX-200 (now 250W after the most recent firmware upgrade) are noteworthy. Both mods use the same chip with the same menu options. Both are firmware upgradable. Both use three 18650s in a hexagonal design, although their ergonomics differ: The RX-200 is hexagonally symmetrical, with the firing/adjustment buttons and display screen on one of the two short sides, while the iStick 200W puts the buttons and display on the wider front, with a more rounded profile on the back. Another great advantage you can enjoy on iStick 200W TC is the relatively cheap price, which you can not find on Wismec products. Moreover, though many vapers think Eleaf iStick are designed mainly for beginners,  it can be assured that this 200w box mod is not aimed at beginners. So if you wanna give a powerful output device a try, you of course can not miss it. Here on this official authorized online store you can get your iStick 200W TC mod.

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