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Brides, We Hereby Grant You Permission to Break This Cardinal Wedding Makeup Rule

Second to the cliche term "blushing bride," there's no beauty-related phrase we hear more in relation to weddings than: “You want to look like yourself on your wedding day!” It's a piece of wedding makeup advice that we constantly read in magazines and on wedding blogs and hear from hair and makeup pros and our moms and our bridesmaids etc. etc. etc.—but the thing is, I find this piece of bridal-beauty wisdom kind of annoying. And I think you should feel free to totally ignore it.

What does this advice really mean, when you stop to think about it? Don't try anything too daring with your makeup on your wedding day, and don't pile on too much of it—I think that's what people are getting at.

OK, but duh, of course you don't want to look completely unrecognizable to your groom under layers of costumey makeup. Not overdoing your makeup is generally a goal, whether you're getting married or not.

And sure, a very natural, believable makeup look works best for many brides and is what they feel most comfortable in. But if you're usually a makeup minimalist and are drawn to the idea of a smoky eye, tons of shimmer, a major bright lip, or some other statement makeup look for your wedding, I say, what better day in life is there for you to just GO for it?

The truth is, you don't look like yourself on your wedding day. You're probably wearing one of the fanciest and most expensive gowns you'll ever put on your body. You might be in the best shape of your entire life and may have spent hundreds of dollars on skin prep treatments and a flawless spray-tan glow. Your brows are plucked to perfection. You're wearing four-inch designer heels (if you're lucky…and brave). So why shouldn't your makeup also be uncharacteristically glamorous?

I think you should stay as open-minded about your wedding makeup as you did to dresses when you first started looking. Just as maybe you never though you’d wear a poufy ball gown but fell in love with the one your mom forced you to try on, maybe you’re a minimal-makeup girl who is just destined to wear memorable retro liquid eyeliner on your wedding day. If it feels right to you when you try it on and makes you feel pretty and happy, you should do it. This is a day to express yourself, not be shy!

Do you guys agree? Do you think it's better to stick close to your everyday makeup look for your wedding or to go ahead and try something totally new, if that's what you're craving?

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