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Why Can Eeleaf iStick Tria Stand Out From The Crowd?

This summer, many brands have released many large batteries, and this trend does not seem to have slowed down. In this case, Whoever has great power will be welcomed. The Kanger FIVE6 has five 18650 cells saw the other day, but its maximum wattage is only 222w.
However, Eleaf's  iStick Tria offers impressive 300W power from three 18650 cells, and gives you enough electricity to enjoy vape. It can also be used as an external power bank. The Eleaf iStick Tria TC300W box mod has a small screen with three buttons. The two is used to adjust wattage or temperature and a fire button. Overall, I would say that the processing of the mod is good, and the quality of the construction is good. If you're looking for mod that can offer more power, the Eleaf iStick Tria is a good choice.

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