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Eleaf Pico Dual 200w That Has To Be Said

Anyone who plays with vape knows who Eleaf is. Because it's really popular. Eleaf brings us the iStick and iJust series, and they are fashion, sexy, fashion and hard hitting. Eleaf catered to the big, not non cool mainstream, and they did a good job. Today, let's take a look at Eleaf Pico Dual mod.

Pico Mega can use 26650 batteries, and up to 100W. But Eleaf Pico Dual 200W has the same incredible features. The series is very popular, but now we have more firepower. Its wattage is up to 200W, because of the need to double 18650s. Finally, it has an impressive small triangular cylindrical TC mod, and my first impression of it is that it is very light.

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