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I Can't Help Recommending This Wonderful Vaping Device To You

Among so many vaping devices, I only recommend the Eleaf Pico Squeeze Greece to you. It is an upgraded version of original iStick Pico and has been enjoying great popularity not only for its attractive appearance but also excellent performance. Wonderful features are as following:

1. With a compact size and a slick looking, it is fashionable.
2. Powered by a 18650 cell, it can reach a maximum output power of 50W.
3. All parts of the Coral can be detached and reassembled, making it convenient to for cleaning and maintenance.
4. A reimagined squonk system makes it possible to add the e-liquid directly into the bottom-fed atomizer.
5. It is restructured and reusable so that you can enjoy DIY.
6. A refillable squonk bottle of 6.5ml capacity extends the time of your vaping.
7. The airflow can be adjusted by rotating the mouthpiece.
8. The 18650 cell can be replaced so that you can always carry a spare one
9. The reverse polarity protection can also protect the device
With so many good points all in this one tiny device, you must not miss it!

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