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Fashion Leader - Elead iStick 30w

Elead iStick 30w has an expanded range of output voltage and is ahead of other products. It has the arrow button lock function, which can lock or unlock through the upper and lower buttons. These two operations extend the service life of the product.

Now, There are two packs available for iStick 30 w simple pack and iStick 30 w full kit. You must be curious about what's inside the package. If you are a novice, I suggest you buy a iStick 30 w simple pack with only battery, eGo threading connector and user manual. But if you're a repeat customer and you think it's a good product, I suggest that you buy a full kit. It comes with battery, eGo threading connector, AC-USB adapter USB cable and user manual.

Do you have a crush on this? Move on! What are you waiting for?

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