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E-cigarette VS Traditional Cigarette Which Kills You Slowly

Along with the development of science technology, one product called e-cigarette came to us. It is believed that the e-cigarette can help cigarette addicts quit smoking. Is it true or not? Moreover, it is said that the e-cigarette is healthier and better than the traditional cigarette. Let us make a comparison.

It is an electronic device that makes people gain nicotine only instead of other nasty chemicals in traditional cigarette, which means there are no bad smell on your body and no polluted teeth. Besides, E-cigarette will not produce secondhand smoke, which does actually no harm for consumers’ friends and families so consumers can use the e-cigarette anywhere and anytime. Basically, the e-cigarette is made up of cartridege, atomizer, drip tip and battery. What’s more, consumers can choose different flavor such as mint. Besides, they also have attractive appearance like the Eleaf iCare 2 starter kit, pleasant to look at

Traditional cigarette
Generally, it combines tobacco, paper and filter tip. When people lit it and have a smoke, then gain a mixture of gases including nicotine, black tar, TSNA, particles of ash, and other solids. For most cigarette addicts, according to a survey in 2016, they will smoke at least 15 cigarettes per day. It not only does a great damage on their throat and lung, but also has been a great burden on them. Besides, traditional cigarette has been banned in many public places. In addition, it has been proved by TRSAC that a menthol smoker is a greater addict.

After the comparison of their chemicals, compared to traditional cigarette, e-cigarette is less harmful. Furthermore, the e-cigarette is more convenient and environmental.

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