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How Should You Use Temperature Control?

Temperature control is a special type of vape output mode. For newcomers, the new mod with temperature control function, if you do not experience the heart will always feel itchy. As if you buy a new mobile phone, if the function is not all used again, the experience is incomplete. Today I start from practice, and then talk to you about temperature control. Novice friends follow, and you can also experience temperature control.

First of all, we need to prepare temperature control atomizer and temperature control function mod. Then we make the temperature control coil. The atomizer is connected with the mod, and then the temperature control material model is selected according to the temperature control material you use. Next, you set the output temperature, and the usual temperature is between 200 and -300 degrees. You can try to find the most comfortable temperature in this range. The Eleaf iKuun i200 vape mod can be set with temperature control, and you can use this product to operate.

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