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Wismec Sinuous FJ200 VS Eleaf iKuun i80 With MELO 4 Kit Which Catch You

It seems that this two kinds of products have many things in common, but which one is better on earth? Let me analyse their edges and weaknesses, maybe you will get your own ideas.

First of all, they all have an innovative temperature protection system for the charging process which can keep the battery inside safe. Similarly, the built-in batteries for both of them, are high capacity, keeping the vaping time sustainable, but the battery capacity of Wismec Sinuous 4600mAH FJ200 battery mod is sightly higher than that of iKuu i80 with MELO 4 3000mAH, and they both are capable of 2A quick charge. Another similar point is that they both have OLD screens by which you can see what state your vapes are.

After finishing talking about the similarities, the differences between them mainly are the max output. The max output of Eleaf iKuun  i80 with MELO 4 kit is much lower than that of Sinuous FJ200, and the former one can only produce a max output of 80W, while the latter one can reach 200W. the difference of max output may influence the vaping experience, but it is not absolutely a bad thing, because there is always someone in pursuit of low output, so it depends on your taste.Another thing I forgot to mention is their appearance, of course, as the mainstream products of  each manufacturer, their is nothing that you can be special about for their appearance.

Having reading what i have discussed, do you have your final decision on which one is better? Just go for the one you support more.

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