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SUNVAPE Sunpipe H20 Water Pipe Vaporizer-Great Choice!

 If you want to update your vape device. Don't miss the SUNVAPE Sunpipe H20 Water Pipe Vaporizer. I believe it will meet your requirements.


SUNVAPE Sunpipe H20 Water Pipe Vaporizer is a compact and portable water pipe vaporizer and it is simple to operate and all the vaping details. , The ergonomic mouthpiece design can protect the device from breakage when dropped on the floor.

The internal water tank can filter and reduce the temperature of the smoke and give you a cooler, smoother, and better-tasting hit. 100% stainless steel heating chamber and slider which is more durable.

In addition,  It comes with0.3/0.5g chamber capacity. . The design of a spring-loaded slider makes the chamber capacity changeable.  With a mini size and magnet connection of water tank and heating chamber design. 


  • Brand: SUNVAPE
  • Product Name: Sunpipe H20 Water Pipe Vaporizer
  • Material: 100% stainless steel
  • Chamber capacity: 0.1-0.5 gram
  • Design for: Dry Herb
  • Tank Filter Type: Internal water filter
  • Colors: Black, Gray

If you want to know just click on SUNVAPE Sunpipe H20 Water Pipe Vaporizer.

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