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What Can We Expect From Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA?


Brief Introduction

If you are looking for something to update your vape device, you can not miss the Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA. It features a similar design to the original Wasp Nano RDA but differs since it has a tank section on the bottom, making it a rebuildable dripping tank atomizer. RDTAs have become quite popular as of late since it gives you the flavor of a dripper yet the convenience of a tank. The colors available for purchase are Pearl White, Black, Gold, and Pearl Chrome. Having a 22mm base diameter and a height of 31mm, it will look great on most box mods you attach it to, even your smaller mini mods.

The Wasp Nano RDTA does feature a single coil build deck, and installing your coils is a breeze! Just like the original, be sure that your leads are facing the opposite direction and simply slide your leads into the open post hole and tighten the leads down. Once you do this, you can easily adjust your coil to your liking, and make any other adjustments you find necessary.  In addition, the airflow system on the Wasp Nano RDTA is unique and can cater to both flavor and cloud chasers! It is recommended to have your coil sit a little higher so that your airflow will travel underneath the coil. This will certainly help with flavor, but if you wanted the airflow to hit the side or top of the coil, simply lower your coil once you have installed it.

Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA Tank Parameters:

Brand: Oumier

Size: 22 x 31.1mm

Capacity: 2ml

You can learn more and get a special price from Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA.

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