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Vandy Vape Paradox RDA - A Great Choice!

 If you are the enthusiasts of Vandy Vape, you can not miss the Vandy Vape Paradox RDA. The RDA features exquisite appearance, compact size, detachable structure, a single-coil configuration, huge deck screws, 1.5ml e-juice capacity, new annular airflow design. The RDA is worth looking forward to and will not let you down. Now let's get into more detailed information about it.

Brief Intro and Main Features

The Vandy Vape PARADOX 24mm RDA is a cool and unique addition to the rebuildable dripper segment. It measures 24mm in diameter with a low profile design for concentrated flavor. The maximum juice capacity is 1.5ml and there are 3 types of drip tips to satisfy your different needs. The RDA comes with a postless build deck, leaving plenty of space for novice and advanced builders alike. This design can situate a large single coil as it is top secured via 6mm flathead screws to accommodate bigger and larger coil builds, tightly fastening down thicker coil leads with ease to maintain a solid and uninterrupted connection.

The biggest highlight of the Paradox is its brand new annular airflow design. The annular airflow system inlets the flow of air from the side of the knurled top cap and can be minutely adjusted to reach the perfect balance and airflow. The airflow is guided in a circular motion until it reaches the installed coil in the middle to generate concentrated cloud production while maintaining high flavors of E-Liquids.

The package of Paradox RDA Comes With:

●1 x Paradox RDA

●1 x 510 Drip Tip

●1 x PEI Drip Tip

●1 x 510 Adapter

●1 x Accessory Bag

●1 x User Manual

You can learn more and get a special price from Vandy Vape Paradox RDA.

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