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What Will You Get from GTRS G-MATE Starter Kit

The G-mate Kit is a Starter Kit from GTRS. This is a product born for going out, it has a compact size, so we can put it in the pocket to take anywhere we want to go. On this product we get 1.5ml e-liquid storage space, it is combined with a flat drip tip so that we can get a rich taste. On this product, we can directly suck without pressing the fire button. I think every friend who needs to go out needs such a product.

What will you get from GTRS G-MATE Starter Kit

Before you buy, let’s get to know what’s in the GTRS G-MATE Starter Kit package:

One GTRS G-Mate 400mAh Mod (this product has 400mAh battery space. No display, no fire button gives us a simpler experience)
Two Pods (There will be two pod tanks here. Both pods support refill e-juice. We are free to choose the e-juice we want.)
A USB cable (this device comes with a USB charging port. We can charge it by using a USB cable)
A User Manual (please read it carefully before use. The user manual will tell us how to use the G-MATE Starter Kit correctly)
An E-juice bottle (this is an auxiliary tool. We can first pour e-juice into the e-juice bottle and then into the pod tank)
One Warranty Card (6 months) (This is the only certificate for the G-MATE Kit warranty, please keep it)

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