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Are You Looking for Vaporesso Zero Pod System Starter Kit

Vaporessos is an electronic cigarette brand we are all familiar with. If someone now asks me how to choose the first e-cigarette, I think I would recommend it in Vaporessos's product. This is a brand known as the Starter Kit, and now it also launches a sub-brand that specializes in the PodStarter Kit, Renova. What does Zero Kit, the first product of this sub-brand, bring us?

So before you buy, let's take a look at what’s in the Vaporesso Zero Pod system Starter Kit package:

1.Vaporesso Renova Zero Mod 650mAh (This is a battery-powered device, we do not need to buy another battery)
2.Vaporesso Renova 2ml PCTG Pod (1.0Ω) (This new atomizer structure has a more convenient refilling system, and it can store 2mle-liquid, well meet the requirements of the EU)
3. E-juice Filling Bottle (this is a bonus 10ml bottle. Use it with it to make refill e-juice easier)
4.USB Charging Cable (This is a fast charging cable, use it to make charging more efficient. Experiments show that this vape kit can be fully charged in just 45 minutes)
5.User Guide (Please read carefully before use. The user guide will tell us if you use this device)
6. Warranty Card (this is the only warranty certificate for this product, please keep it)

Vaporesso Zero Pod system Starter Kit package

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