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Why Muscle Aches After Exercise ?

We don't do exercise for a long time, and we will feel that the muscles are sore after a sudden exercise. The contraction of muscle needs energy, which mainly depends on the decomposition of carbohydrates in muscle tissue. Lactic acid, which is broken down by carbohydrates, has a feeling of muscle soreness.

Most people convinced that excessive use of muscle can cause muscle soreness, and the main reason is:
1. The rapid increase of muscle tension and elasticity can cause physical damage of muscle structure components.
2. Increased metabolism leads to increased toxicity of metabolic wastes to tissues.
3. The nerve regulation of muscle changes, so that muscle spasm and pain.

How should we prevent it?
1. Exercise arrangements should be reasonable. For example, downhill exercise for a period of time can reduce the muscle soreness which caused by downhill exercise.
2. Local hyperthermia and rubbed drugs. After exercise, using warm water to take a bath can relieve muscle soreness.
3. Muscle stretching exercise can relieve ache. The stretching muscles can accelerate the relaxation of muscles and relieve the muscle relaxation, which is helpful for the recovery of tense muscles. This muscle stretching exercise also lays the foundation for the prevention of strain during exercise.
4. Adequate preparation and proper exercise are helpful to prevent or relieve muscle soreness.

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